Jay Perlestein – Moon Road EP

For years, Modern Agenda has called different parts of Mexico like a second home and the music Mexico loves resonates incredibly with ours of the label. This EP welcomes three talented Mexican producers to the label.

The Original Mix of Moon Road sets the mood for the entire EP. Its eeriness is only counteracted by the grittiness and this makes for a powerful, melodic, emotive track. Once the breakdown hits, all are curious how the story plays out, hooked on what’s to come. This one is more for the introspective music lovers, for the darkest hours of the night.

Gustavo Lobo takes a bit of a more percussive path with his remix, adding well-placed drums to add colour to the track as the synth plays along with and among the beats. This one is a bit groovier than the original and adds a bit of light to the track, great for warming up a crowd that is ready to get dirty or to add some mayhem to an otherwise tame time.

Audictive brings us the most melodic rendition of the three tracks. With enlightening swells and waves of flirtatious synths and effective use of the melancholic vocal, this one is dreamy yet dark. Adding organic flavor with a touch of acid, this remix is really properly introspective.

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