theSoundUnderground 028 w/ Robert Mason

Canadian electronic music producer Robert Mason, when not in the studio finishing his next track, is working on his dance music label, Modern Agenda. Experimentation in analog electronics and computer‐aided music production has led to various releases on renowned record labels globally.

Classically trained as a violinist, Robert combines a strong grounding in traditional music theory and composition, coupled with a deep understanding of production and performing technologies.

Robert engages in international collaborations on a regular basis. His productions and work take him all over the world to perform and his comfort behind the decks is as easy to pick out as his ease in performing classical violin.

A veritable chameleon of sorts, it seems there is nothing sonically this player cannot accomplish.

Get Social:
SoundCloud: @robertmasonofficial

Track List
1. Hraach – Aurores
2. Andre Moret, Kamilo Sanclemente – Acacias (Arnas D Remix)
3. Thales Boutroumlis, Tantum – Aether
4. Khainz – Reconnect
5. Audiojack – Opposite Forces
6. Arm In Arm – Hunger For Your Vibe (Moonwalk Remix)
7. Nosh & SJ, Amol Reon – Fairy Tales (LoQuai Remix)
8. Space Food – Primal Source (Extended Mix)
9. Luis M – The Forest Escape
10. Affkt, Mattia Pompeo – Piscolabis
11. Township Rebellion – Elevant

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