Going Underground with Simply City

SIMPLY CITY began his music career by playing the clubs and raves in his native Santiago, Chile. Afterwards, he toured throughout Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America eventually, in pursuit of his DJ career, Cesar ended up with a coveted resident DJ spot at the famous Stereo Montreal. There, he has opened and also teamed up for some of the biggest names in the industry (including Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Sasha, Digweed, Guy Mantzur, Eagles and Butterflies, Nick Warren, Henry Saiz to name a very few) as well as holding onto his own night, with great success.

Cesar Romero has released several tracks and remixes under his moniker, Simply City, on labels such as Sudbeat, Global Underground, Hope, Renaissance, Particles, Or Two Strangers, Proton, Modern Agenda and some others. He has enjoyed support from some huge names, including Sasha, Cid Inc, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Maceo Plex.

Now we have the pleasure of not only having Simply City here with us in Canada, but also we have him on Modern Agenda.

Currently, Simply City has the #1 Top Track on the label with his remix of James Gill – Out of Sight. We are excited to have Cesar on the label and have more to come from him in the future. First, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the busy life of Simply City by getting to know a bit more about him. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and be one of our first interviewees for our new site.

Describe the moment when you realized you were meant to make music? Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?

I think it was about the year 2004 (i was living in the Riviera Maya in Mexico at that time) when i first started coming to Montreal as an international DJ to do clubs and festivals.  The market was very competitive there, underground scene was just amazing (still is), I met some great producers and I got invited to visit some studios.  

Couple years after of coming to that city I realized it was time for me to start making music if I wanted to stay relevant in the game and be competitive as well.  I had no idea of anything related to producing a proper track, so what I did, after I played a big festival called Bal en Blanc in 2007 with DJ’s like Deep Dish, Peter Rauhoffer, Above and Beyond, etc.  With that salary I went to a store in Montreal and bought everything I needed to start producing, nothing complicated, the basic stuff and shipped it to Mexico.  Around 2009 I decided to move to Montreal and make it my new home so i shipped everything back to Montreal.  I’m a self-taught person so through YouTube videos, blogs, etc I learned most of it.  I guess my vast experience as a DJ and my good ear for music were crucial.  When I was a kid I did an exam to enter in the best school for musicians in Chile but my family failed to inscribe me when they told us the price, we were poor so we couldn’t make it happen.  I think over the years I filled that gap being a DJ and now making my own music.  Now I’m taking private piano classes and this finally makes me feel complete, so going back to your question I guess back at that time I decided to start making music to be competitive but not long ago I realized I was meant to make music when I saw how the tracks were impacting people from so many places, getting the nicest emails, messages on Facebook, etc, the many remixes request, big DJ’s playing and supporting my music, etc. 

Describe your career at one year in, three years in, and now. Where is it headed from here?

One year in I can say it’s been the greatest of my entire career, but not the best i think the best is to come.  Three years in i was searching what i just found not long ago. It all headed through a natural path to where i am now, complete as a professional DJ/producer and as a human, receiving all blessings and enjoying life.  Last year i was also called to be part of a Documentary about progressive house where i ended up being part of the cast and the casting executive, we have already interviews conducted for this film with Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Henry Saiz, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff and some of the organizers and owners of the finest clubs and festivals in Canada and more to come, that’s all i can say about it for now but is a pretty huge project and VERY exiting.

What changes did you go through as an artist and in your personal life, do you find you have changed as a person over the years you’ve been an active artist? If yes, how so?

My life haven’t been easy at all, I had to go through lots of pain, sacrifices, tears, hunger, etc.  I could write books with my life.  Briefly I can tell you around the year 2000 I had already a 10 years of a local career as a DJ in Chile where over the time I ended up at the top of it with no more growth…I’m a computer engineer also and I had an amazing job there also but I needed to take a decision, whether I take DJ to the next level or I stay in Chile and that’s it.  Of course I was too much of a dreamer to stay in Chile so I ended up leaving.  The hardest part was leaving my whole family and start mine alone outside my comfort zone and try to make DJ a living, professionally.

Since then I have lived in so many places in the world for 3 moths, 1 year, 2 years, etc.  Played in so many places, many residencies, etc.  The beginning wasn’t easy at all, but over the years I realized I needed all this to become the man I am today.  All the sacrifices, rejections, adventures, stories (good and bad), places, people, cultures, languages were like a solid injection to mold my character, my heart and soul as a person and as an artist.  Today I can safely call Montreal home, I am the resident DJ of one of the most amazing clubs in this world called Stereo Montreal, some of my biggest heroes i can now call them friends, I make the music I love, I have an amazing family, a great woman that supports me like and trust my gut like no one did, because of all this I am able to transfer amazing values to my kids, so I look back and I feel proud of who I am and what I accomplished.  I worked VERY hard for all this, of course i was lucky enough sometimes to be at the right place in the right moment as well.  The common denominator of all this was music, and because of it, music for me is everything, music gave me everything I have and i’m sure will keep providing blessings.

What is your greatest source of inspiration and how do you get yourself in a creative mood when you aren’t feeling especially inspired?

A: I usually on my free time i go to Stereo to listen the artists i love, i go back to my studio and i release the inspiration 🙂 best times for me are usually in December when Hernan and Guy J plays the marathon, then i have inspiration for the whole year lol

Where can people find your work online (social links) and what are the details for any upcoming gigs and/or releases?

For Gigs, the highlight is August 10th finally with Guy J, I was waiting for this gig and it’s happening now.

For releases there are some originals on the way but i cannot reveal too much info,  also remixes are coming on Club Sonica, Onedotsixtwo, Mistique Music and Stripped.

Music, Mixes and my new Podcast NUANCES here:

As my next release it will be in October on Mystic Music

Releases here:


All social here:



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