Going Underground with Juliane Wolf

Juliane Wolf started DJing with vinyl in 2008 and played in nearly every bigger city in Germany in clubs like Golden Gate or Suicide Circus in Berlin, but also other places like France and the Netherlands. In 2017 she really enjoyed playing at ADE for Modern Agenda.

Juliane offers a versatile live act and acts as a talented DJ. For example, one week she played a techno set at Suicide Circus, but the next month she played a live ambient gig at a church in Cologne.

Besides DJing she discovered the world of producing and synths. This has led to many releases on labels such as Manual Music / MNL, Cinematique, The Plot Music, Stripped Digital – of course, Modern Agenda and many others. Juliane has just finished a remix for Nick Warren, which will soon be released on his label Soundgarden.

Juliane loves to do live, hybrid and DJ sets. She released her album ‘Peaceful Heart’ on Honey Drops Recordings in 2017 which went into Beatport Electronica and Progressive Top 10. Juliane loves diving into analog equipment and learn synthesis from the beginning on. She has a big passion for acid music but also loves the sound of the 80s.

Because of her love for special music, she started her own label Wizarding Wolf in May 2019 together with a radio show on DI.FM Progressive.

Thanks to Juliane for taking the time to answer our five “Going Underground” questions and for the fine guest mix.

Describe the moment when you realized you were meant to make music? Or even if not, “meant”, when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?

There were many of those moments… doing my first vinyl transition, buying the first records, playing the first gig, producing the first track, signing the first label contract, founding my own record label… there are so many steps you take. But I remember one day when I was talking to my mom around 2015, when I just finished my Master’s degree in German Linguistics, telling mom I wanted to work as a freelancer, focussing on doing music professionally. I think this was the biggest confession to music in my life so far.

Describe your career at one year in, three years in, and now. Where is it headed from here?

I started DJing in 2008.. wow, time flies. So in 2009 I was still a university student, playing DJ gigs travelling with my a vinyl case bigger than myself all around Germany. My DJ name was Ayana Blume back then. I even had a percussionist travelling with me. It was a lot of fun! 3 years in means 2011, then I was focussing on building up a live set and getting into music production for the first time. Since then a lot more happened: I founded my own label Wizarding Wolf, released music on a lot of great labels and played in a lot of amazing places. I am so happy about everything, also about the support for my own label that is coming from others and I want to thank everyone very much for their support!

What changes did you go through as an artist and in your personal life, do you find you have changed as a person over the years you’ve been an active artist? If yes, how so?

I moved a lot the last years and also personally the last years were a huge rollercoaster ride. I see making music and releasing it as a big emotional challenge, because you are constantly creating something out of your feelings and you are transitioning your innermost thoughts into a piece of art. Imagine, what if a person listens to your music and just doesn’t like it or doesn’t understand the message you wanted to transport? These moments are hard, but they also let you grow as an artist. Since I founded my own label Wizarding Wolf I have the feeling that I can fully express myself without taking care of borders and requirements. And when I get support from DJs I admire, I am always so thankful.

What is your greatest source of inspiration and how do you get yourself in a creative mood when you aren’t feeling especially inspired?

My greatest source of inspiration is partly the music I listen to, but also just life itself. I listen to electronic music a lot, but when I run out of inspiration, I stop doing that and I prefer taking a walk or talking to friends and family. Melodies are a thing which are going around in my head most of the time, so sometimes I just record them to use them later in my tracks. Later I build a drum pattern and so on.

Where can people find your work online (social links) and what are the details for any upcoming gigs and/or releases?

First of all I am so happy to have my first release on Modern Agenda with True Love Has Wings / Forbidden Forest. My next release on Wizarding Wolf is planned for September, I will have Luciano Scheffer as a remixer which I am very happy about – he is just such a talented artist. I just did a remix for Nick Warren which will be released on his label The Soundgarden. This is so cool! I will be also releasing remixes for Cinematique, Mirabilis and Strange Town Recordings. And of course I am looking forward to play at the Modern Agenda party at ADE this year. In 2017 we had so much fun together and now I can’t wait to meet the whole family again!

My links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/julianewolf.music

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/julianewolfmusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/julianewolf_music

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/julianewolfmusic

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