Meoteric 007 W/ Nadia Guest Mix ( Free Download )

Here is this months Meoteric guest mix from Nadia.

follow Nadia:

Facebook: Nadia LDMN “ناديه”

Soundcloud: @nadiasouth3zero

follow Joe Marcangelo:

Facebook: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Instagram: joemarcangelo

Twitter: JoeMarcangeloDJ

Track list:
Enter – Golan Zocher
Sign of Erevos (Marcelo Paladini Remix) – Paul Angelo, Don Argento
Pure Pleasure (Kostya Outta Remix) – Jelly For The Babies, Kostya Outta
Twilight (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) – Rick Pier O’Neil, Serge Landar
Maya (Original Mix) – Fresen, Mental Order
Delirious (Original Mix) – Matan Caspi
Afterlife (Ewan Rill Remix) – Dimitris Kalfas, Ewan Rill, Nikko Mavridis
Freeloader (Cid Inc. Remix) – Cid Inc., Rich Curtis
Flawless (Original Mix) – Vitaly Shturm
Discover Feat. Valldeneu(Original Mix) – Triumph, Valldeneu

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